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There are so many words about so many things in our day (see the vision of this site). Some of these are bad, some are neutral, some are positive. There are scores of subjects that range from irrelevant to pressing and then across a spectrum of interesting in between. It is easy for our eyes to shift frenetically before this vast array. Like children at a fireworks display, we point at one flash only to have another explode on the horizon and capture our attention.

This picture is one I very much relate to. I am no stranger to distraction and competing interests. This challenge is heightened by the hour in which we live. My conviction that people alive on the earth today will see the bodily return of Jesus to the earth with their eyes has only deepened since it first took root over ten years ago. Presently there are a number of really positive trends in the body of Christ in the West, as well as some dire threats that need to be addressed and overcome. I believe the church is drawing near to a decisive crossroads that has no parallel in the last century. The decisions made in the days to come by pastors, missionaries, theologians, and congregations will set  their course for decades to come and have profound ramifications for the great turmoil and great glory that lies on the horizon.

Where is hope to be found? What is the path of wisdom? The only answer I can muster is a very simple one. Jesus deeply loves His people and He does have a word for His body at this crucial juncture. It is Himself. Jesus is the answer and He is the Word. And so as I stand before the dizzying spectacle of issues, arguments, questions, interests, trends, and debates that face the church and fill social media I know the path I must choose. I appreciate those who enter into that fray and speak the truth with humility and genuine concern for the glory of Jesus and the vitality of His people. This is a commendable labor, but I know it is not mine to embrace.

I am persuaded that there is simply nothing more important than knowing everything I possibly can about this glorious Person named Jesus. From that “simplicity of devotion” (cf. 2 Cor 11:3) all other passions must overflow, and all other subjects can be viewed with right perspective. My two great passions in ministry – incessant ministry to the Lord and missions among unreached people groups – are both utterly hollow if sundered from a living, burning vision of the majesty of Jesus. Thus, I feel constrained to use my weak words to point directly to the substance of  Him in whatever way I can.

Lord willing, over the next months (and perhaps years) I will be striving toward this end with short posts specifically on the person and work of Jesus several times a week. My hope is that Jesus will be pleased to use this to enlighten the eyes of my own heart and guide a few others toward the brightness of His splendor. May He have preeminence in all things.




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